Just being


Just being 


I have this tendency of not being in the present. I am always thinking ahead. I have a hard time just being and enjoying the NOW. I have tried hard these last 5 years of acknowledging it and working on it. But I also have this mentality that whenever I complete something it is never enough. With my business there are pros and cons to this. It keeps my moving and always pushing myself to work harder, to try new things which I think is important in keeping a business fresh but it gets in the way sometimes too of enjoying where I am now in my work and personal life.

I have been making bags for almost 7 years now. I have learned a lot but also have loads and loads to still learn with running a business and in bag making. Which is exciting but also overwhelming at times. In these 7 years I have grown as a person too. I bought land with my boyfriend, we had a child, we built a studio, we created a garden and each season so much change feels like it has taken place especially with a child around. I am excited for the future and excited for the now.

As we dive into this new season of longer nights and shorter days I can get overwhelmed with the to-do's and lack of light outside. But this season I am really trying to take in the now and leave the stress for another time. I have come to realize that the long list of projects around our property and the long list of dreams, goals and ideas for my business will always be there too changing and growing but my little one will only be so little for so long. These long winter nights ahead is a time to slow down and be in the present. Summer is the time for crazy schedules and taking on too much. I need to leave some season to reflecting and I think this is it. Me attempting to be more present we will see how it goes! 

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Happy November! 

x Lissa 

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