November 1st 

This early morning when the fog felt heavy Kyra's bus started up and drove away. This bus was the only thing on our land when we bought it. It needed a lot of love and Kyra gave it just that. It soon became her home. She spent the last couple years on the land living in the bus, slowly fixing her up and creating a beautiful space. This fall it was time for Kyra and the bus to move on, she met her honey over on another island so after a year of constant commuting for the 2 of them living on the same rock was needed. It was a bittersweet good bye. She was sent off with the moonlight, a roaring hot fire, the eire autumn fog and candle lit jack-o-lanterns. She will be missed dearly. So long sweet friend it has been so grand!

x Lissa 

Lissa SnappComment