Care For Your Bag


Leather - I recommend oiling your leather bag once a year to help your bag stay protected and hydrated. Oiling it will also help remove scuffs and marks. Over time your bag will darken creating a beautifully aged look! 

Vegetable Tanned Leather - will darken over time with wear. I recommend you oil your vegetable tanned leather bag every 6 months. This helps keep your leather hydrated, helping it to last for many years to come. This will also darken the bag slightly too. Please only use a natural leather oil such as this Blend from Walnut Studio. 

Waxed Cotton Canvas - Do not machine wash waxed canvas. Use cold water to gently spot clean your bag with a cloth or sponge. Mild soap may be used if really needed but do not use detergent – as it will wash away the wax finish! Hang dry and re-wax if desired. 

Re-waxing your canvas bag - Over time with lots of use waxed canvas may lose its water resistance. If you want to restore your waxed canvas, simply hand apply Otter Wax or Martexin Wax then apply heat to allow the wax to impregnate back into the canvas. You can use a hair dryer or let lie in the sun.