We drove down to Portland a few weeks back. What was originally going to be a camping trip turned into a much needed city adventure. We walked everywhere and that is something I really love and miss about the city. We explored neighborhoods and admired all the pretty front yards. Portland has so much plant life. We came across apples, grapes, figs, rosemary bushes that looked like trees and golden leaves galore! We took Owynn to his first playground and he loved it! I can see why living in the city with a little one would have its perks. Going out to eat is such a treat when traveling beacuse we have about two restaurants to choose from on our island so finding good food is always high on our list of what to do when away. Here is a list of some favorite spots we checked out along the way.

The best coffee was at the Stumptown on Belmont St. My favorite dinner was at Por que no taqueria, the tacos are so delicious. We ventured over to the west-side one morning and had breakfast at a long time favorite French bakery. Visited Powells Bookstore and bought Owynn this really cute book. The kids selection was amazing, Owynn was totally in heaven. I splurged on a pair of camper booties and then of course stopped off at my favorite vintage shop on Hawthorne Street. The place is huge you can get totally lost in there. The last day we went to the Oregon leather company and I found some beautiful oil tanned leather which I used for this bag. There were many places we missed and hopefully next time we can stay for a bit longer but all in all we got a lot done and had our city fill. It was such a treat to stay with my 2 pals Mali and Piper and explore the city with them! Wish I lived closer! As always it is so good to get home but every now and then a trip to the city it just what a island girl needs! 

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