A Moment of Quiet 

Some days you just need to pack up and take your work and little one to the beach. This afternoon was grey and blustery but with the right clothes a couple hours at the beach will do no harm. I find a visit to the ocean is always healing and calming. It seems to be Owynn's favorite place as well. Over the past few months we have spent a lot of time there, just the 2 of us sitting on the beach each busy in our own minds. He is perfectly content playing with the beach pebbles and watching the sea birds above. This particular afternoon I brought my coffee and journal. I sketched ideas for BB, sipped my coffee and took in the beauty around me. It is simple moments like these that I treasure. Time to just think and not be interrupted. It is rare these days to have that so when I can I savor the quiet moments. 

On another note today is the last day to sign up for the giveaway! I will announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks to all who have already signed up and for all your kind words on my work. Happy Thursday! I love this day of the week! 

It is Full Moon tonight so here is a great spot to get a bit more insight on its meaning this month. 

x Lissa 

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