End of week + BB giveaway winner! 

I am happy to announce that Michelle was the winner of my little giveaway! I hope you enjoy your new leather wallet Michelle! Thanks to all participated and for being a reader on this blog.

It was a quiet week in the studio. It gave me some time to think about goals for BB which is always important. When spending all my free-time making then I sometimes lose perspective on other parts of the business. But I am looking forward to getting back to my sewing routine. I am hoping to get started on some backpacks early next week so I can get them up in my shop next weekend! It is a beautiful day here on our island and wow does that make me happy! The sun was not around all week so it is a lovely treat for the end of this grey and blustery week.

Here are a few movie suggestions in case you are in a mood for a movie this weekend: -PBS feature on 1964 -Call the Midwife and -Maidentrip. We do not watch movies very often but as the nights are getting longer I have found it to be a nice way to un-wind from the day. 


Happy Friday! 


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