Autumn Cleaning

Since moving into our small cabin I have been in the mode of getting rid of things. This week I decided to do some autumn cleaning with my closet. I took my summer clothing and slipped them away in a box. I made a pile of items to give to the "take it or leave it" and then tried to organize the clothing left behind. I often do this in the spring but felt inspired to do it this fall. I have a rule, if you have not worn the item in the past year then get rid of it. Sometimes there are those beloved items that you are just holding on to for the right time but often it feels so refreshing and cleansing to just shed some of your belongings. 

Happy November! I can't believe it is already Thursday. This week has just flown by but October seemed to last so long time. It is weird how some months just speed by and others take there time.

Any exciting plans for  you this November?

I hope to start doing inventory on my shop,,, but we will see. I might just dive into this holiday season totally un-prepared. There is always next year to do it right. By then I hope we will have my studio built!

Oh here is a sweet little treat from the talented Oana Befort.