We are having a cold and wet spring so far but there is a hopeful feeling in the air that things are about to change. I keep seeing and hearing little signs of spring all around, the flowering current I pass on my favorite walk is blooming, the daffodils are springing up all over, the frogs are louder then ever when falling asleep at night, baby animals are being born and the days are lasting longer! I may have to slip my feet into my rain boots to get around our property and still wear my thickets sweater and hat but the little green buds on the deciduous trees are putting a smile on my face. Before I know it the fruit trees will be blossoming and the rose hips soon after!

Spring is here and it may be slow to fully show itself but all the little changes are good enough for me right now. Be well and remember to drink lots of warm liquids in the change of the seasons! I am squeezing a lemon in my water each morning and feels really good this time of year. Happy spring!  

xx Lissa 

Heading Off

Heading Off 

Tomorrow we leave for Europe! We will be gone for a little over a month. Its been a hectic few weeks getting everything ready for us to leave but now finally we are all packed and getting so excited for the weeks ahead! I plan to do a couple posts along the way and share some of our favorite spots we visit. Have a beautiful February ahead! 

x Lissa 

Equality For All!

Equality For All! 

Last weekend was a big one. Lets just say by Friday evening I was feeling so saddened about the current state in our country. Saturday morning I awoke, we got dressed and we drove to the ferry to travel to another island to march with fellow islanders and it felt good. Quickly after I got home and opened up my instagram account and I was stunned and amazed by the mass amount of people that turned up across our nation and around the world to demand equal rights, awareness of climate change, to stand against our new president and so much more! It was totally empowering, energizing and exciting! Reading every ones signs was one of my favorite parts! 

But today as I sewed in the studio listening to NPR in the background I felt saddened again by the news that our new president has put the go on the Dakota access pipeline through the land of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I knew this could happen but didn't imagine so soon. I know we all need to stay strong and stay active in writing letters, calling representatives but I cant help but feel so scared for our country, the future generation and world.

Be well, 

x Lissa 


Little bits of magic from the weekend.... 

Beautiful images from the women's march 1, 2 and 3

Sign up here to keep motivated with how to keep your voice heard! 

These ladies are totally inspiring with their letter writing! Here and here

The sweetest speech ever, it brought me to tears

Winter Sun

This past week has been beautiful! Beautiful but cold. Some mornings our shower did not even work because the shower head was literally frozen. Wood stoves burned all morning long and started up again in the late afternoon just as the sun would dip behind the trees for the night. During the day lots of tea was consumed to keep up with the dry air. A scarf was worn most days or at least until after lunch when the sun had warmed up our spaces to the perfect amount.

Its been a good week and I have the sunshine to thank for that! Winter sun is truly healing. I had a impromptu coffee date with a friend, we sat on the deck feeling the warm sun on our faces bundled in our down coats and it felt so good. A rare treat here in the northwest, a week of sun sure has been appreciated even if it brought frozen showers in the morning! 

All week I have been feeling the urge to write in this space but had a hard time deciding on the topic. I would sit down and nothing would come. But now as the week is nearing to an end I felt inspired to write and reflect on the week. I think often I use this space for just that, mentioning highlights, hard bits and all the little moments in between. So here I am late Friday night typing away reflecting on the week, picking out an image that feels fitting for the week behind us and it somehow feels right. Before I say "so long" I thought I would share a few bits of inspiration I enjoyed this week. 

Most nights this week I have been skimming through the beautiful book Grown and Gathered which was a present from mom! I've really been enjoying all the gardening and cooking secrets! 

I have been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's inspiring - magic lessons while working in the studio this week. 

Every outing this week I would not leave without my favorite wool hat made by a long time friend. 

Most mornings this week I filled up a mason jar with hot water and herbs to help me remember to drink more water! One of the many tips my naturopath suggested to improve my health! So important this time of year. Also stretching and mediation were among them. 

and lastly... I broke down and purchased a batch of flower seeds from Floret. I grew some from Floret farm last year and they were amazing. The sweet peas were my favorite! 

Happy weekend All ! 

xx Lissa 

P.s Also I wanted to mention that since doing a bit of cleaning through my closet this week I found a some items (sweaters, shoes, ect...)  worth selling which I will be posting on Sunday over on my @lissasnapp IG page. Stop by on Sunday if you get a chance! 


So long 2016

Holidays have come and gone. We had a wonderful holiday and safe to say Owynn enjoyed it all very much. It is always a strange transition leaving the holidays behind but once the first of January hits it all feels right again and this year it felt quite particularly calm. We celebrated new years on another island with our close friends. We cozied up is a local bar and drank yummy drinks before heading out to a tasty meal. Owynn stayed home with his grandmother so the whole night felt like a real treat with so many uninterrupted conversations. 

As the new year approached I decided to give myself the whole year to focus more on self care. Since becoming a mother that part of my life has somewhat disappeared. I think it is very common but this year I am going to work hard on taking more time for myself, gathering with friends and developing new routines at home to create less stress in our daily lives. I am not picking one resolution to work on rather each month I hope to pick a few things to improve on. Like going for more walks alone, practicing yoga, meal planning each week, creating more free time with Owynn and so on. Though these past few months have been a bit chaotic I am feeling fresh and ready for this year ahead!

A little glimpse of some small moments from this past week... 

Happy New Year to you all and thanks as aways for taking the time to visit this space! 

x Lissa 

( The leather zip clutch is a limited edition item in the shop. It is now avalible so stop by and check it out if you are in the market for a new zip pouch! ) 

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

The past week has been a mix of work and play. We had a few frozen days where the ponds and marshes froze so we could skate and slide around on them. It very much reminded me of my childhood when this happened more often. We had a couple of mornings where is snowed giant flakes and we all wished it would last forever. Those mornings I made Dutch babies, new to our family but now we are addicted. Owynn now says "It's the food we eat when it really cold out."

But along with outside adventures and cozy inside crafts I had a pretty big workload. My body is still healing so I moved slow but most nights this past week I was over in the studio, listening to tunes and filling holidays orders!

Now I am all done, we leave tomorrow to visit family and feeling grateful for it all. Thank you for your support this season and all year long! It means the world to me! Hope you have a beautiful solstice night and stay cozy out there!

Warm wishes, Lissa 



December came and I got sick. I spent a night in the hospital and a week recovering. Finally now just getting back to work but sadly due to my health emergency I had to close up shop early this year. If you ordered with me in the past 3 weeks, most likely your order will be shipped out before the holiday but a few orders will have to wait until after the holiday break. You have all been so understanding. Thank you!

Life is a wild ride. You never know what will come your way so I am heading into this new year grateful for friends, family and hoping to work on self care more. Winter solstice is upon us and soon the light will begin coming back for longer each day. It may be a slow change but still it feels good knowing we are almost on a new cycle.

Hope you have a festive weekend ahead! I'll be busy in the workshop this weekend but wound't have it another way. Love making these bags and sending them out into the world! 

xx Lissa

p.s We have lots of zipper pouches still in stock, that's about the only thing available online but they do make great Christmas gifts. So head over here if you are still looking for the perfect gift. I like to fill mine with lots of goodies when gifting them!

( Photo above of our last batch of Zippered Waxed Canvas Backpacks for the year! )  

November Light

As chill in the air deepens and the nights grow longer I have become accustomed to lighting candles each evening. Every morning fires are made in the cabin and in the studio (on work days). Slippers are worn most mornings. Showers outside are becoming dreaded each day but upon hoping out it usually leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Here in the Northwest there is a moisture in the air that lingers all winter. It leaves my bones feeling cold all day. Even the thickest wool sweaters do not seem to do the trick but one thing does, a hot bath! So if you are like me and feel chilled all day with the winter air I encourage hot baths at night. Serious life savor this time of year. 

November in the studio has been busy but also calm. I have 2 wonderful woman who help me out once a week and has made a huge difference this year. Still life is busy and always this time of year it is important to find balance in being outside and getting work done. The never ending struggle of work and family life which seems to be slightly different each season. But most importantly remembering to get outside even in the coldest of days helps me find balance in the day.

If you are hoping to purchase a bag this holiday season then I encourage you to order sooner rather then later. Most of the small items will be in stock throughout the month as we have large stock in those but larger items are going quick. I'll send out a note once the last day to order for Christmas arrival has been announced. I am thinking by December 15th but may be sooner depending on the orders this coming month. 

Warm wishes your way this week! 

x Lissa 

Fall/Winter 2016 + Free Shipping

Hello All! Here is a little look book preview of our latest collection. I used to take all my own photos for these shop updates but was quickly becoming overwhlemed by it so the last two shoots I have hired my friend Demetria. It has made a world of a difference. I can now really focus on the details and the story we are trying to portray. Also I have always had a love for film photography and lucky for me Demetria does too so there is a mix of digital and film. Below are all photos shot with Demetria's film camera. Enjoy! 

Starting Saturday morning in support of "small business Saturday" we will have FREE SHIPPING until Monday. Use code: SUPPORTHANDMADE during checkout. 

I hope you have a cozy and yummy thanksgiving ahead! 

Warm wishes, and forever grateful of your support! 

xx Lissa