A few images from a trip Owynn and I took with my brothers last week. We headed over to the east side of the Cascade mountains. It snowed the day we arrived, so everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow. It was so incredibly beautiful. I forget each year how much I love the snow. The silence it brings to the forest, the way it covers up everything outside and leaves the unwanted items hidden, the way the trees change shape and almost come alive and of course the skiing, sliding and sledding! It was one of my favorite adventures of the 2017!

As this year is coming to a close I am feeling a ton of gratitude but also feeling relived it is coming to an end. I will be spending these next couple days dreaming and planning for the months ahead. Setting intentions and reflecting on all this year has brought me.


I came across this sweet poem tonight which seemed fitting for this time of year. Just another gentle reminder to slow down. 


Sending warm wishes your way into the new year! 

xx Lissa 

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