November has come and gone... a beautiful month here on the islands! Now as we enter in to the last month of the year I am trying to take a moment in all the business to slow down. Reflect on this wild last year and dream for the future. This time of year on the islands can be hard as the nights have grown very long and the bright sun seems lost almost like a distant memory. But every now and then it comes back and it truly is the best feeling in the world having the fall/winter sun beat down on your face. I am trying to savor these beautiful Fall days and on the rainy days I am trying to be grateful for the rain. Taking in the sound, smells and feelings it brings. It is easy to just feel down about the gray days. But a trip outside even in the rain can really uplift my mood!  

Each day seems to be a little different from the next. I am trying to notice the small things and not let every moment of the day just rush by. Wintertime brings on ritual and routine more then other times of the year. For me each morning I try to stretch, write a list for the day, make a warm lemon water and try enjoy the weather whatever it may be!

Just a little note about the shop... December 5th will the the last day to order most items for a Christmas arrival. I will have a small batch of in-stock items that can be ordered later but for the made-to-order items please order by December 5th if a holiday gift! I have lots of zippered pouches in stock! Always a sweet gift to easily fill with extra goodies! 

Happy December to you all! 

xx Lissa 

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