Hello new year!

Hello new year!


and just like that another year has come and gone… So much uncertainty in our world these days and in many of our personal lives as well. Change and movement seem to be brewing in many of our lives . Curious what 2019 will bring to us all! I hope some peace, lightness, compassion and warmth!

The days here on the island are quiet. The outside scenes are monotoned with hues of blue, gold, brown, green with intermittent sunburst every few days. Mornings feel challenging this month,,, they feel more difficult to rise up and start the day then the other months in the year. Plan and simple they are dark and cold. I think often about the summer during these darker days and it brings me solace to think we are not there yet. I long for it but I know I am not ready for it. I think about how different the energy is, almost spastic energy really. I think about how the pace of the day and the activities throughout the day differ so much come summer and then feel happy we are where we are.

I am grateful for this season and for the inward time the winter brings but gosh it can be so hard sometimes. Like I have shared often, walking each day no matter the weather is the best cure (the best is without my phone) and a nice hot bath most evenings. Our lives are all filled with so much go go go that winter is really a sweet reminder to slow down. To embrace rest more. I have to keep reminding myself it can all wait till spring! Because it will be here before we know it!

This morning I awoke and read my 2019 horoscope for the year. It very much resonated with me so here is the link if you feel compelled to check out yours!

Also I’ve been loving the On Being podcast it was recommended to me by a friend a few years back and has been one of my favorites for awhile,,, I very much enjoyed the interview with David Whyte last week and it felt very needed in this wild time we are in.

Happy Blessings and warmest wishes to you in this new year!

Your support here and encouragement with my business has meant the world to me. So thanks for reading as always.

x Lissa

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