Deep Autumn


Deep Autumn…

I sit and look out the window at this current moment the rain has stopped, the mist clings high up in the evergreens, the elms gold leaves distract my eye; the last of the tress to lose its leaves on our land… the seasons are shifting again as November begins. Puddles are being filled, boots are worn every day, firewood piles are getting soaked from the absence of a covering, layers of wool are worn and warm liquids are consumed throughout the day. Deep autumn is here and the darkness takes time getting used to, and I am not sure I actually do get used to it but I do know in deep summer I crave the darkness and the moody days… so now it is here.

Mornings I awake to the black sky outside. I lie not moving until I hear my son call from his room asking “is it morning yet?” he is confused by the dark mornings, he questions me again as I say “yes morning has arrived!” We have a little routine… I then get up, he lies in bed adjusting his eyes to the lights, I turn the kettle on, make a fire, prepare his oatmeal and eventually he crawls out of bed playing with lasts nights project and toys. Tea is consumed, lunch gets packed, and we race out the door for school. The days seem to hurry by while he is away. Morning brings on the long list of to-dos, and I am being slowly checking them off. Balance… does it exist? I am beginning to think not but maybe I can be at ease with that. I treat myself to a walk most day. Sometimes the morning sometimes the evening right after the sunsets is my favorite as the dusk sky turns. It gives me gratitude for the seasons being outside. Often inside I feel restricted or stagnate but the moment I step outside and I feel like a whole new person. Taking time for nature each day is my saving grace this time of year. Fall you have been beautiful just as you are every year!

Happy November! I hope you are well!

X Lissa

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