So long 2016

Holidays have come and gone. We had a wonderful holiday and safe to say Owynn enjoyed it all very much. It is always a strange transition leaving the holidays behind but once the first of January hits it all feels right again and this year it felt quite particularly calm. We celebrated new years on another island with our close friends. We cozied up is a local bar and drank yummy drinks before heading out to a tasty meal. Owynn stayed home with his grandmother so the whole night felt like a real treat with so many uninterrupted conversations. 

As the new year approached I decided to give myself the whole year to focus more on self care. Since becoming a mother that part of my life has somewhat disappeared. I think it is very common but this year I am going to work hard on taking more time for myself, gathering with friends and developing new routines at home to create less stress in our daily lives. I am not picking one resolution to work on rather each month I hope to pick a few things to improve on. Like going for more walks alone, practicing yoga, meal planning each week, creating more free time with Owynn and so on. Though these past few months have been a bit chaotic I am feeling fresh and ready for this year ahead!

A little glimpse of some small moments from this past week... 

Happy New Year to you all and thanks as aways for taking the time to visit this space! 

x Lissa 

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