Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

The past week has been a mix of work and play. We had a few frozen days where the ponds and marshes froze so we could skate and slide around on them. It very much reminded me of my childhood when this happened more often. We had a couple of mornings where is snowed giant flakes and we all wished it would last forever. Those mornings I made Dutch babies, new to our family but now we are addicted. Owynn now says "It's the food we eat when it really cold out."

But along with outside adventures and cozy inside crafts I had a pretty big workload. My body is still healing so I moved slow but most nights this past week I was over in the studio, listening to tunes and filling holidays orders!

Now I am all done, we leave tomorrow to visit family and feeling grateful for it all. Thank you for your support this season and all year long! It means the world to me! Hope you have a beautiful solstice night and stay cozy out there!

Warm wishes, Lissa 

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