December came and I got sick. I spent a night in the hospital and a week recovering. Finally now just getting back to work but sadly due to my health emergency I had to close up shop early this year. If you ordered with me in the past 3 weeks, most likely your order will be shipped out before the holiday but a few orders will have to wait until after the holiday break. You have all been so understanding. Thank you!

Life is a wild ride. You never know what will come your way so I am heading into this new year grateful for friends, family and hoping to work on self care more. Winter solstice is upon us and soon the light will begin coming back for longer each day. It may be a slow change but still it feels good knowing we are almost on a new cycle.

Hope you have a festive weekend ahead! I'll be busy in the workshop this weekend but wound't have it another way. Love making these bags and sending them out into the world! 

xx Lissa

p.s We have lots of zipper pouches still in stock, that's about the only thing available online but they do make great Christmas gifts. So head over here if you are still looking for the perfect gift. I like to fill mine with lots of goodies when gifting them!

( Photo above of our last batch of Zippered Waxed Canvas Backpacks for the year! )  

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