November Light

As chill in the air deepens and the nights grow longer I have become accustomed to lighting candles each evening. Every morning fires are made in the cabin and in the studio (on work days). Slippers are worn most mornings. Showers outside are becoming dreaded each day but upon hoping out it usually leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Here in the Northwest there is a moisture in the air that lingers all winter. It leaves my bones feeling cold all day. Even the thickest wool sweaters do not seem to do the trick but one thing does, a hot bath! So if you are like me and feel chilled all day with the winter air I encourage hot baths at night. Serious life savor this time of year. 

November in the studio has been busy but also calm. I have 2 wonderful woman who help me out once a week and has made a huge difference this year. Still life is busy and always this time of year it is important to find balance in being outside and getting work done. The never ending struggle of work and family life which seems to be slightly different each season. But most importantly remembering to get outside even in the coldest of days helps me find balance in the day.

If you are hoping to purchase a bag this holiday season then I encourage you to order sooner rather then later. Most of the small items will be in stock throughout the month as we have large stock in those but larger items are going quick. I'll send out a note once the last day to order for Christmas arrival has been announced. I am thinking by December 15th but may be sooner depending on the orders this coming month. 

Warm wishes your way this week! 

x Lissa 

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