Winter Sun

This past week has been beautiful! Beautiful but cold. Some mornings our shower did not even work because the shower head was literally frozen. Wood stoves burned all morning long and started up again in the late afternoon just as the sun would dip behind the trees for the night. During the day lots of tea was consumed to keep up with the dry air. A scarf was worn most days or at least until after lunch when the sun had warmed up our spaces to the perfect amount.

Its been a good week and I have the sunshine to thank for that! Winter sun is truly healing. I had a impromptu coffee date with a friend, we sat on the deck feeling the warm sun on our faces bundled in our down coats and it felt so good. A rare treat here in the northwest, a week of sun sure has been appreciated even if it brought frozen showers in the morning! 

All week I have been feeling the urge to write in this space but had a hard time deciding on the topic. I would sit down and nothing would come. But now as the week is nearing to an end I felt inspired to write and reflect on the week. I think often I use this space for just that, mentioning highlights, hard bits and all the little moments in between. So here I am late Friday night typing away reflecting on the week, picking out an image that feels fitting for the week behind us and it somehow feels right. Before I say "so long" I thought I would share a few bits of inspiration I enjoyed this week. 

Most nights this week I have been skimming through the beautiful book Grown and Gathered which was a present from mom! I've really been enjoying all the gardening and cooking secrets! 

I have been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's inspiring - magic lessons while working in the studio this week. 

Every outing this week I would not leave without my favorite wool hat made by a long time friend. 

Most mornings this week I filled up a mason jar with hot water and herbs to help me remember to drink more water! One of the many tips my naturopath suggested to improve my health! So important this time of year. Also stretching and mediation were among them. 

and lastly... I broke down and purchased a batch of flower seeds from Floret. I grew some from Floret farm last year and they were amazing. The sweet peas were my favorite! 

Happy weekend All ! 

xx Lissa 

P.s Also I wanted to mention that since doing a bit of cleaning through my closet this week I found a some items (sweaters, shoes, ect...)  worth selling which I will be posting on Sunday over on my @lissasnapp IG page. Stop by on Sunday if you get a chance! 


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