Equality For All!

Equality For All! 

Last weekend was a big one. Lets just say by Friday evening I was feeling so saddened about the current state in our country. Saturday morning I awoke, we got dressed and we drove to the ferry to travel to another island to march with fellow islanders and it felt good. Quickly after I got home and opened up my instagram account and I was stunned and amazed by the mass amount of people that turned up across our nation and around the world to demand equal rights, awareness of climate change, to stand against our new president and so much more! It was totally empowering, energizing and exciting! Reading every ones signs was one of my favorite parts! 

But today as I sewed in the studio listening to NPR in the background I felt saddened again by the news that our new president has put the go on the Dakota access pipeline through the land of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I knew this could happen but didn't imagine so soon. I know we all need to stay strong and stay active in writing letters, calling representatives but I cant help but feel so scared for our country, the future generation and world.

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Little bits of magic from the weekend.... 

Beautiful images from the women's march 1, 2 and 3

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