Woolens For Little Ones


Woolens for little ones


Owynn's wardrobe has quickly become stocked in woolens this past year. I've slowly been collecting items I see on sale and tucking them away for this winter. We are outside a lot with him during the colder months so a proper set of clothes is so important. The right clothing can totally change a persons outlook on being outdoors on a cold grey day. 

I was inspired by our trip up north last month and started pulling out our winter clothes. Maybe a bit to early but it felt good to put away summer clothes and bring out the new seasons layers. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite spots for wool online as wool is a mainstay in our winter wardrobe. I suggest searching local thrift shops as wool can last for many years and its good way to save money but below are some links to some great shops online. 

Base Layers - I was recently given a pair of thermal hand me downs from this brand. But these looks great too! I buy large and then then can last at least 2 winters.

Wool Pants - I always put a thin pair of wool thermals under wool pants as sometimes they can be itchy all alone. I love these and these!

Wool Sweater - Ahhh there are so many amazing wool sweaters out there. This shop looks great but shop around there are so many beautiful ones! Like here, here and here

Wool  Jacket - I recently bought Owynn this amazing wool coat and its the cutest thing ever! It was a bit of a splurge but I I bought it large so it should fit him for awhile and allows for chunky layers underneath.

Rain Gear - Check out Tuffo. We just bought Owynn his own rain suit while in Alaska and I can tell already this is going to be amazing for the winter. Plus it keeps water out of his rain boots which was a huge issue last winter. 

Slippers / Boots - Slippers and rain boots 

Hats - Owynn lived in this hat for his first year of life. I just bought him another one and I swear by them. He loves it too! If you are in search for yourself for the perfect woolen hat then check my good friends shop. Her hats are amazing and work well for kids too! 

For some maybe just a wool sweater is all you need in the wool department but when its a super rainy day wool is the best for keeping you warm even if it gets wet plus it is like the most amazing fiber ever! I always put wool socks on Owynn before he heads outside on a wet or cold day because his feet often get wet in the fall and winter so they help him stay quite warm. I Hope this helps for all you mamas gearing up for the cold winter ahead! Take your little one outside as much as possible even on a rainy day it will make life so much better for you and for them! Just invest in the right gear!  

Stay Warm and happy changing of the seasons! 


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