Everyday Moments

Everyday Moments

I started this space about 5 yeas ago completely naive to the Internet world and totally new to blogging in general. Back then I probably checked my email twice a week now it has become a daily ritual though out the day. I fully admit I use the computer a lot but it's 90% where I get my business from. I love it, I love connecting with people from all around the world, having customers from all over and getting inspired by makers and other creative small business which I normally would never know about. I was totally unaware that I could actually make a living by selling my goods online. I quickly realized what an amazing spot it was bringing creative people together and allowing them to sell their items to the world. I was inspired and determined to do the same. It allowed me to live in a fairly remote place and still interact with the rest of the world. 

 I started this blog as I have mentioned before as a way to document my life, share photos and later realized it was a great way for people to learn who was the lady making their bag. I was  inspired by other bloggers and especially these sweet ladies and their appreciation for the small moments in life. I soon began documenting the somewhat mundane parts of my life and in doing so I began to see the beauty in them. I started carrying around a camera most places and started viewing everyday moments as more interesting. It was fun to have a mission while out and about and look at things and places that I see all the time and see them as beautiful.

This all changed when having Owynn my love for documenting the small somewhat mundane parts of my life disappeared. I was completely un-inspired in this space and posted less frequently. I was totally consumed and overwhelmed with being a new mama and feeling extremely isolated. Being a young mom in a very small community has its downfalls and one being I had no support of other young mothers around me. My friends and family were amazing during that time but I had know one to call to ask why my baby wasn't sleeping? why he was having a hard time eating? and so on... It was a whole new territory and I had to forge it alone.

As Owynn grew and became stronger I became more accepting to my new life. I became more content with myself and the new slower pace of life. As he reached 8 months I was eager to start up my business again. Friends and family bounced him, played with him, pushed him in the stroller and I began work just a couple hours at a time before he was ready to nurse again. It was a slow process. But now my baby is 2 and no longer a baby really. He runs out the door rushing into his aunties or grandmas arms and excited to spend the morning with them while his mom can work.

Our days are chaotic, everyday is different but we make it happen and I am able to work. We now have somewhat of routine in our wild life. I feel so blessed. I can hear my little one squealing with joy outside and I get a few hours each day to do what I love to do so much, creating things!

 This space has slowly become mine again. I feel as if it sorta disappeared. I posted because it had been awhile and felt obligated but now I finally feel content. My posting times and subjects are still quite random. I hope one day to have a more concrete theme for them but for now like my life its all a bit jumbled. But I love it and wouldn't trade it in for any other way! So here I am trying to slow down to document more of these everyday moments that I used to treasure more regularly. Thanks for reading as always! 

Happy Weekending! 

x Lissa 

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