Long Weekend

Long Weekend 

This past week we ended our work week early. We left home, hit the ferry and then cruised over to our favorite spot on Orcas Island, the lakes. We lounged in the shade and enjoyed the warm wind and cool refreshing water before heading to Kyra's home where we camped out and watched the full moon rise. Kyra currently lives in her school bus while her and her guy finish there cabin this fall. The bus originally came from our property where she lived until last fall when she moved over to the island next door. It is hard not having her on island bust also is pretty fun having a good pal on another island as it makes getaways so much easier when you have a good spot to stay! 

The next day was just as beautiful as the first so we headed to the lake again to another spot to enjoy the afternoon. Owynn has become quite the water lover and cries when we take him out even when his teeth are chattering from the cold lake water. But once he gets wrapped up in a warm towel he forgets about the water and snuggles in to get warm. I too was a water lover when I was young so it is really fun to see Owynn loving the water like I used too.  

It was a sweet journey and already looking forward to our next adventure which hopefully will involve our sailboat! When we are home there is just too much to do so every couple weeks I try and get us to take a day away to relax otherwise time just files too fast. 

Hope you are finding some free time too as deep summer approaches! 

x Lissa 


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