Friday Notes

Friday Notes 

This week the cooler weather appeared. The plants and trees have been browning up quick this year. The leaves on the big leaf maple tree next door are already blowing in the wind. You can feel that the change of the seasons is upon us. We are still in summer and I really cannot believe I am even thinking of Autumn but this week there has been a real feeling in the air of the seasons changing. 

Studio days, bikes rides with the little one, watering the garden and cleaning the house has taken up most my time this week. Not much to report on around these parts but I have high hopes the sun will be back again soon for one last heatwave before the sounds and smells of Autumn really appear. 


+This Saturday morning I will be having a little yard sale with some clothing and older styled bags here. So Stop by and take a look, a mix of items but some really nice stuff if I may say! 

+September 1st the large weekender zip tote will no longer be available in my shop. It will return in the Spring. So please if you have been eying it now is your chance. It is available in all black or field tan + a hand-printed fabric. I will be releasing a few new bags around September 1st so in order to not feel totally crazed I cannot have all my designs for sale at the same time. 

+ Above are some photos from yesterday around the studio. Yummy coffee from my favorite coffee shop paired with fresh picked chamomile I plan to hang for the fall | New clips have been extremely helpful this week when working on new designs | Always taking my work outside as much as possible when the sun is shining  

Happy Weekend Ahead! 

x Lissa 



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