Friday Notes + Giveaway Winner

Friday Notes + Giveaway Winner 

I ended this work week early and we headed off to Orcas Island to visit friends and family. End of the week adventures are always the best because then you arrive home and still have the while weekend ahead of you! This time of year my most favorite part about visiting Orcas is the lakes. There is nothing better in my mind then swimming in the cool refreshing water, looking up at the mountains and trees surrounding them.

The moon has been so bright these past nights. It shines right into our bedroom making falling asleep hard but gosh it is beautiful. This will be our second full moon this month. I guess it is known as a blue moon. Which brings me to the….


Melissa you won! Please send me your email so I can get the pouched shipped off to you! 

Thanks as always to everyone who entered! 


I enjoyed this playlist this week while working in the studio and the new woolful interview too! 

I found this shop this week and seriously eying this necklace.

I received quite a few orders this week with people adding this onto their zippered pouches. Feeling glad I took the time to make that as an option.   

I Loved seeing my snap pouch included in this pretty gift box over here.  

I Enjoyed this interview, always fun to hear about other people's beauty routines. 


I hope you have a beautiful weekend ahead!


x Lissa  

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