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The Everyday Tote

The Everyday Tote will be released September 4th. Here is a little sneak peek of it! I will slowly be adding new styles for the upcoming fall and winter. I was planning to add a whole new collection all at once but that will not be happening for many reasons but mostly due to a long wait of some new materials which will be arriving later then planned.

I am actually really enjoying this approach and seen other shops do this as well. It is just a simple reminder that I am a small business making items by hand and can only take one so much each day. I always feel pressured each season to produce an armload of new styles but in reality that is not always possible especially when raising a little one so I am taking to a new approach of slowly releasing new designs as they come forth. By thanksgiving I plan to have the full FW 2015 collection up just in time for the holidays! I cannot believe I am even talking about the holidays but as a maker and designer I am always thinking a few months ahead.

Thanks for reading and as always thanks for your support of Barnacle Bags! 

x Lissa 



+ Photos taken by Roopa Gogineni

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