Friday Notes | Island Life


Friday Notes | Island Life

My home is an island as most of you know. Island life is not for all but for me it is! I love knowing that the ocean is all around me and do not mind the only way off is by boat. This brings me comfort. I feel calmed by the ocean and all its powerfulness. I have lived and traveled far from the coast but each of those adventures away I always yearned for the water. I felt suffocated and still do when its been awhile since visiting the waters edge. The ocean world feels so much more powerful and peaceful then our life on land. I too have a love for the mountains and roaring rivers but my heart belongs along the coast maybe not on this island forever but always near to the sea. Home sweet home for me is this 15 mile island. 

I wonder if any of you have this feeling of love with a certain climate or environment? 

Happy Full Moon and weekend ahead!

x Lissa  

+ Photos are from a night this week when ventured off the land and visited a favorite spot to watch the sea, the sunset and the full moon rise! The waxed canvas daypack and leather snap wallet are worn above. My 2 favorite items at the moment!

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