Outer Islands


Outer Islands 

A new week, with a full lists of to-dos and lots of great times to remember. This summer like I have mentioned before has been a bit of a whirlwind filled with lots of visitors, lots of work and not as much down time as I would like. So this past week my brothers, Owynn and myself set off for a little ocean voyage around the smaller outer islands in the area. It was so beautiful as it always is and was very much not ready come home but traveling with a babe solo parenting can be hard so getting back home to Alex was pretty nice. But the extra work of traveling with a babe was so worth it. 

I forget each year how important boating is in my life. We do not manage to get on the water enough and after this trip I am determined to make it more apart of our life. There is so much to explore and I think everyone would be amazed to see how many cool places are near their own neighborhoods. I think we all get this idea that we have to travel far and wide to be on vacation yet an hour away by boat or car can take you to some very cool places all over the country. So here's to more trips around Washington and sending my motivation to you as well to get out and explore in your area! 

Have a beautiful week and if anyone lives in Washington or Oregon please send along any travel recommendations. I always love hearing about people's favorite spots! 

x Lissa 

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