Heading Out To Sea


Heading Out To Sea 

Alex was given a 20 foot sailboat in his early 20's. It has gone in phases of being used a lot and phases of not being used it at all. These past couple years has been a time when it was not being used and sat looking sad out of the water. But this summer I was determined to get it back in the water and have some water adventures.  So this weekend after a spontaneous push of energy we decided that it was time to get our trusty ranger sailboat back in the water to explore the outer islands for a couple days. We have no real plan but hoping to make it to Sucia Island camp for a couple nights if the wind permits otherwise we will head somewhere closer. On the sail home we are planning to stop in at Doe Bay and enjoy the hot tubs and sauna for a nice after camping soak. 

So for all those who have any questions or comments for me this week, feel free to send them but I will not be able to reply until Thursday evening when we return. 

Thanks for your understanding and have a beautiful week ahead! 

x Lissa 

+ Our little Owynn looking so grown up and I think he found his new favorite toy, a big bright buoy to drag around. 

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