Friday Notes

Friday Notes

Mid-august: my child is about to turn 2, I am busy prepping for a few new items for the BB fall collection, the blackberries are in need of picking, the garden is sucking up endless amounts of water, our outside deck is finally covered with glass just in time for the fall weather and most nights we spending biking to a beach to watch the sun go down. Life is good but also crazy. This week the desire to feel the cooler weather hit. I am looking forward to slower days and more time for cooking and crafting. This time of year is also bittersweet though as we all know what is ahead. Slower days for sure but also long dark nights. I love the year cycles and the seasons it brings but this time of year brings out the most nostalgic feelings from my childhood and the restless nights before the new school year would being.

I hope you are enjoying these deep summer nights! 

x Lissa

+ Images are from the garden one night last week when the sky was pink! 

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