Summer nights


Summer Nights 

Evening walks are our thing. All year long we try and take walks after dinner. It is a great way to unwind from the day and for the little one to get his energy out before bedtime. Summertime walks at night are my favorite though. The long lasting light and muted summer colors. At the moment we barely need a sweater at night because we are having a hot summer in the Northwest. Little routines during a busy day are key and this is one I love and hope we keep up forever. 

Happy Holiday Weekend to you and your family! I try and hide out as much as possible over this weekend because our little island triples in size but Alex's dad has started bringing his sailboat over to the bay in town and it is an awesome spot to watch the fireworks and have a little happy hour before hand! Looking forward to being on the water! I miss sailing so much! 

Have fun, Lissa 

-Photos above are from an evening walk a few weeks back over on my brothers land 

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