Summer is here and my time on the computer has dropped dramatically as it does this time each year. This space will not be updated as much as  it is in the other seasons. I am hoping to make Fridays my day for sending out a post. This space is important for me. I am not even sure how many people check in and read it but that does not matter. Lately I have been reflecting on all the change that has happened to me these past 5 years and spent an evening looking back at all my old posts. I enjoyed it immensely. I hope to have this space for a long time. I might not be posting as often but that does not mean I do not enjoy this space and thankful for you reading!  

Over the years I have tried to create a certain theme for my posts or create weekly series on a certain topic but I fail each time so I have just admitted to myself that this is my journal. The stuff I feel like sharing and remembering as I grow. I want my child to be able to read these notes and get a sense of what life was like when his parents were young. I want people to know who makes their bag by hand. 

I post pretty regularly on Instagram but this is my spot for unwinding and reflecting. It's usually a collection of thoughts I am feeling right at that moment when I sit down to write. I do not prep my blog posts but one day I might! My grammar and spelling I know are off. My family constantly reminds me of that but this is me and honestly that part of school did not come easy. I think those are important skills and hope to improve them but this is a journal: a space to be free with whatever comes to my mind as I take a moment to reflect each week. A bit of a ramble I know but I have been feeling bad about the lack of presence here so here is my reason and reason for keeping this space alive. 

This weekend is the starting of an exciting couple of months. Both brothers will be home on the land creating temporary homes out of canvas wall tents. Beginning the journey of the 30 acres connected to Alex and my land. I have mentioned this before but for you who do know, my oldest brother bought the 30 acres connected to our land. It was once a very active farm with a 100 year old cabin, large barn and beautiful pastoral landscape. Lots of hard work ahead but lots of time for big dreams on what this land could become. I will write more about it as it progresses this summer. 

Happy Weekend All…. and as always thanks for reading! 


+ Above are photos of my garden from an evening last week. Slowly it is making progress. A late start but we broke down and bought drip irrigation so the plants are extra happy this year! 

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