The Week


The Week 

A busy week as usual around here. Lots of visitors from the holiday weekend and a system of weird weather. We all awoke Sunday morning to a haze in the air from the fires in B.C Canada. It has been blue skies and sunny all week but I could barely tell because of all the smoke and strange light in the sky. I am missing our clear skies and stars at night. This spring was extremely dry and now beautiful areas around the Northwest are being affected as wild fires are springing up all over. It scares me so much and feel so badly for the communities being directly affected by this. I wish for rain! 

Weekly Happenings: 

+My good pal Piper visited and I bought a few of her lovely knit items. A pair of hand-knit cashmere socks and knit tank top. Both the items are so comfy and so unique! Talented friends are great to have! 

+I began painting our new bedroom. Just another coat of paint, then Alex can install the fir wood flooring and then we get to move in! 

+My flowers have begun blooming: the calendula, cosmos, bachelor buttons, sunflowers and nasturtiums. Makes me so happy to see these plants bloom that I started from seed. Every year the garden looks different. At the moment I barely have time for gardening but somehow out of habit it has just become part of our weekly routine to tend to the garden even if it is only a couple hours a week just that goes a long ways. Also this year we splurged and added drip irrigation to the garden and I am kicking myself now that we did not do this sooner. 

+Buying a print from this shop for Owynn's room just not sure which one, I love them all! 

Hope you have a good weekend! 


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