Spring Looks

Spring Looks 

Last weekend was spent taking photos of some new and some old designs also dealing with a sick babe. I recently traded my talented woodworking friend to build me a new backdrop for bag photos. We worked together on it and happy it is done but it looks great. It fits into the studio really well as she combined some old shelving we already had in the studio to the back of it to save safe. Also it is on wheels!

I am still figuring out how to take indoor photos as this is something that even after 6 years of photographing all my own work I still struggle with. Outdoor shots are no problem but indoor photography is still a mystery to me.  

This past weekend my family and I trudged out to the old apple tree to take some photos of me wearing a few bags so people can get an idea on size and fit of the bag. I try and do this for most bags. I feel weird being the one modeling the bags but always have and in someways it is easier. No need to pay or deal with coordinating. This way when I get a free moment we can pop outside and take a few shots as a family. Pretty funny though if only you could see the outtakes… So the shop is looking a bit cleaner and more spring like. So stop by and take a look! Also I finally have some zippered tote bags available again. They are slightly smaller then they used to be but still a great size for carrying all the essential items you need during the day. 


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