20 Months Old


20 Months Old

Our little one is quickly changing. He turned twenty months old last week and wow is his personality really shinning. He has a huge fascination with the outside world as well as anything moving with wheels. He has begun repeating us which is at this point still hilarious. He spouts out so many words all day long. He is truly the sweetest boy ever and feel like a very lucky mama. He of course has his hard times too but what toddler is not cranky and stubborn at times? He really is a joy to watch grow and still amazed at how quickly he learns. 

After dinner most nights we go for a walk to get the last wiggles out of the day. These photos are from a beautiful night last week when the sun was setting and the birds where singing. I love spring and so excited to see how this little guy changes over the summer. 

x Lissa 

p.s Owynn's jacket is handmade by Katie of Red Creek Handmade. Here is a photo of it when it first arrived in the mail. It is the cutest! If you have a little one I highly suggest checking out her awesome shop and Instagram too! 

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