It's Friday!

It's Friday! 

Yeah it is Friday! This week seemed to whiz by and amazed because that is not usually the case. But I think when you do something new and out of the ordinary during the week it seems to make it go by faster. We had to spend a whole day off-island getting our car fixed and then yesterday Owynn and I ventured over to another island to visit my good friend Kyra. But also this week was filled with lots of time in the studio so it was a great week, really!

We are heading out on a camping trip next week so I have lots of plans for the weekend to get the studio and home buttoned up before leaving. I like to work hard before taking a vacation because then I can really relax and feel good about it. So looking forward to exploring new places and seeing a bit of new scenery. Happy weekend and hoping it is a pretty one! 

x Lissa 

p.s New bags will be added on Monday and really excited about them! A new zippered tote bag will be among them which I have been working on for months now so it's a big deal for me! 

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