Week Planning

Life is crazy, stressful and just plan busy… I try so hard each week to not let the week turn so full but each week is does. So I have begun to accept that life is just hectic and honestly I thrive on the craziness. I recently visited my mom and she decided after hearing me vent on life's daily stresses that the hardest part of my day is dinner. And truly it always has been but since becoming a mom it seems to be the most dreaded part of the day.

Don't get me wrong food and cooking is super important to me. Groceries are how I spend most of my money each month. I shop at our natural food store and try not to get too overwhelmed with the high prices of organic / local food. It is just better then conventional food and at the moment I feel good about putting my hard earned dollars towards it. I pretty much buy organic everything. You might think I am crazy but I believe what we but in your bodies affects you in so many ways and not to mention how much better organic farming practices are then non-organic on the environment. Anyway its expensive and I totally get that not everyone can afford all organic.

So back to the stress of dinner... Alex gets home around 4:30 each day and I quickly run over to the studio to get a couple hours of work in before dinner. Then I venture back over to the cabin around 6 where Alex and I both sit there totally perplexed trying to figure out what to make for the nights meal. So I have a plan!  I have decided that I need to start planning for the week. I have tried before and failed miserably. But this Sunday I am going to try and stick with this a new tradition of planning out our dinners for the week so when I hit the store on Monday I can buy all the ingredients for each dinner and hopefully allow for less stressful evenings. 

My mom let me borrow a couple of her cookbooks and looking forward to getting this weekly routine underway. I know there are like a million websites out there with meal ideas but not my cup of tea I love cookbooks and hope to use them forever! Here and Here are links to the cookbooks she let me use and then here and here and my two favorite I use all the time. Also any suggestions on your favorite weekly meals? 

Cheers, Lissa 


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