Happy March! This month brings lots of new change to our island. Daylight savings begins March 8th, I turn a year older, the birds and frogs begin singing louder and louder, seeds can be sown and trees that have dominant and brown all winter show signs of green and life!  Its the time of year when we can finally take a deep breath and know you have made it thorough the long winter. Spring is just at our fingertips now. Sorry east coast folks, I hope you get some warmth and sunshine soon! But for us Northwesters spring came early and I think we are all quite pleased as long as a wicked cold northeaster does not make a surprise visit this month! 

I have sown a few batches of seeds already in early February of lettuce, spinach, mustards and kale but then we left our chickens out one weekend and returned home from a quick trip away and they were all destroyed. So we decided to build a little glass cold frame with recycled wood and glass we had around and made a sweet little cold-frame perfect for the seeds this time of year and protected from the troublesome chickens. Have you sown any seeds yet? 

Also in the subject of change, Alex is going to begin adding on a room to our little cabin. Hopefully starting in a few weeks and by summer we plan to be moved in and will be enjoying the larger space inside. I cannot wait! This way Owynn will have his own room and we get to have our own! and even better I will finally have a door to my room which I do not think I have had since I was 17 and lived at home as all my living spaces since have either been one room studio apartments or small one room cabins. Our cabin will still be small but at least I can close a door and will truly enjoy the peace and quiet! 

If you are looking for some new music I would recommend, Lia Ices. I found her through NPR world cafe and have really be enjoying it. And if you are a music lover like myself then checkout the other interviews on the world cafe, there is some great stuff and fun to hear the musicians speak about their personal lives and careers. Also I am really looking forward to Sufjan Stevens new album which comes out March 31st. Do you have any new music you would recommend? 

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