6 weeks of waiting

My bags are lined with either a heather grey or blue/cream striped organic cotton. They have been this way for about 2 years. I have never had a problem receiving either of these cottons in a timely manner but but this past December I was told it would be a 6 week wait for my striped fabric to arrive. I thought it would be fine as I was leaving for Mexico and would not be using it until I returned home. 

But soon after getting home I was notified it would be another 6 weeks until the fabric arrived. I was shocked and stressed as I had orders that used that fabric and needed to get out the door. I was told the delay was due to the west coast port labor strikes which were happening up and down the coast line. There was nothing I could do. I emailed customers and everyone was so kind and gracious. So I just waited…

The striped fabric arrived late last week finally after months of waiting and then I quickly got to work. I shipped the last of my bags off tonight and feeling pretty stoked! Thank you to all who waited for several weeks longer then planned. It was totally out of my control and it made me really start second thinking my source for organic cotton. I am now on the search for a U.S.A cotton mill but this will take some time. 

+ These are a few shots from the studio today getting orders wrapped and out the door ( my good friend Mali drew my up a new set of "thank you" notes which I am loving! Check out her website here. You will love all her work! 

p.s thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post, I loved reading everyones food prep ideas and will be back next week with a review on how it went! 

x Lissa 

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