the perfect gift 

If you are anything like me then wool is one of your most favorite fibers to wear. It is perfect for the northwest and handles so well all the rain, wear, sweat and love that goes into wearing an item day in and day out. My dear friend Piper who I have mentioned in the past started up her own knit wear company and her new collection is amazing. She uses a knitting machine for some items and then hand knits some as well too. Each having its own unique look. She uses the most beautiful earth tones and seriously every piece is amazing! You can tell so much love, thought and time has go into designing and making each item. So if you are still looking for the perfect item for your holiday gift list then check out Piper Dalton Designs and you will not be sorry. 

Here is a quick list of a few more makers where you might find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else on your list: 

A pretty print to hang on the wall: Leah DuncanBecca Stadtlander| Mali Fischer

Some yummy organic beauty products: Marble and Milkweed | Fat and the Moon

A pair of golden earrings: Another Feather | Roots and Wings 

For the little ones: Pingvini|Imagination Kids |Red Creek Handmade and Mabo Kids 

There are so many more amazing makers but I had to stop myself somewhere. Good luck on the gift hunting! 

All photos were taken by Piper Dalton

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