Balance - does it exist? 

I have tried all week to get back to this space and write another post. I have circulated new posts in my head like one of gift ideas for the little ones but I still have not gotten around to it and probably won't to be honest. This is an especially busy time of year for everyone but particularly makers like myself. I am not as prepared as I had hoped so I will be sliming down my shop soon and only having ready to ship items for sale starting next week. With the daylight hours shrinking time just seems to be moving faster and faster. Dinners are now rushed and happen earlier, bed times are earlier and yet there is still so much to be done. I really do not have time for much else these days besides, work, a walk, preparing 3 meals, reading to the babe and cleaning… one day soon there will be a new season and with it a new routine maybe allowing for more free time but for now this is it and that's fine! 

Cheers to this busy and festive time of year! 


Lissa Snapp1 Comment