Hello December 

This will be our second winter with Owynn. It is going to be quite different then the first. Last winter Owynn was bundled and wrapped in our arms all winter long. We would go for walks and he would sleep the whole time. I swear he practically slept through his first 6 months of life. Now our little O is walking, exploring and eager to run outside when he gets a chance. He is getting to heavy to hold for long periods of time and wears warm waterproof boots to keep his feet warm from the wet ground. So long woolen booties... People always say how quickly babies change but it is not until I had Owynn did I really realize it.

December you are 2 days old and already have been so hectic. I hope you slow down a bit and let us enjoy this last month of the year! Happy December! I hope you have a lovely one! 

x Lissa 

P.s if you are bored of your background on your computer then check out Oana's beautiful December calendar. I change mine each month and love referring to it when I need to know a date. 

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