A Quiet Shop 

Earlier this week my shop slimed down quite a bit and many items became "Sold Out". I still have a variety of bags for sale all which are pretty much ready to be shipped and will arrive before Christmas so stop by and check them out if you are still looking for the perfect gift. I added 2 new backpacks (limited amount of each), a new day bag (photos of it in this post) and a leather zip clutch. I am still working out when I will have a full shop again as I am doing a bit of traveling for most of January so that makes it a bit more difficult to get my stock back up. But my plan now is to have a variety of my most popular bags be ready for pre-sale starting Dec 30th on my website and then have those bags be shipped out by late January / early Febuary. Thanks for your understanding and feel free to contact me with any questions!  

Happy Weekend ahead! I hope you have a merry one! 

p.s I am totally impressed with all of Erin's festive and holiday inspiration! I have not gotten around to doing anything festive yet. Except we did hang some christmas lights along our path from the cabin to the studio. There is still time and always hope for next year, I guess! What ways have you started getting festive? 

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