Studio Shots 

I spend most mornings during the week in my studio. Alex usually starts a fire early in the morning before he leaves for work and then I venture over once one of Owynn's many amazing babysitters has arrived. I usually just get about three hours in at a time but its enough to get wrapped up into my work and forget about the other needs of the day. The studio is such a sweet space to enjoy the first morning light and stay cozy with the wood stove roaring. I feel pretty blessed to have such an awesome work space. It is not perfect and there is much more to be done to make it a complete studio but for now it is perfect. I just enjoy these hours of time to myself, enjoying the silence with my coffee and humming of the sewing machine. 

- Checkbook wallets freshly oiled and ready to get sewn up

- E-mailing- always lots of email writing 

- A new rucksack design - will be available soon

- New BB post-cards to be sent off with orders - drawn and designed by my talented friend Mali 

- A pile of finished checkbook wallets 

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