Two Weeks of Sunshine 

zipperbackpack .jpg

This past weekend we took a walk at our favorite place on Lopez. It is just a five minute drive from our land and often there is nobody around. Owynn loved it, he bounded along on mossy hill tops and admired the big stones and mushrooms along the way. It's days like these that remind me of why I love our island. It is easy to get caught up in the negative but really the beauty and silence of this place out ways the challenges of living in a small community. Some days I long for the city but these past 2 weeks it has been sunny and cold allowing for lots of long walks outside which I love. The rain is coming and the nights are getting longer but Solstice is now a month away and I think we will survive! 

x Lissa 

*The pack shown above is a new design I released this week, it is now available in the shop. Check it out if you are interested or want to see more details about it. 



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