Slowing Down

Why does it take getting sick to realize you need to slow down and make changes? Maybe not for you but for me this seems to be the case. This past weekend I was sick in bed and did not get to enjoy what fun we had planned. I quickly realized that it was my fault and there was no other reason for being sick then me taking on too much and not remembering to slow down. As I began feeling better I began to brainstorm on ways to balance my life better. Always the never-ending problem in my life and I am sure for many. I decided...

Meals need to be a priority made ahead and with care

Drink more water

Hire help in the studio (already done so! Thanks Lindsey and Ana, cannot wait to have a couple friends on the Barnacle team!)

Take a day a week for just Owy and me time for cleaning / baking / beach walks

but most importantly take time to REST especially when I have been up all night with a nursing babe, orders might be a day late but if I don't I will just keep getting sick.

I often think transitions into new seasons are a time when sickness occurs. Eating warmer foods (soups, oatmeal, warm spices) is often the biggest help with my immune system and I think it is time to get back to those winter meals.

Happy end of summer and beginning of autumn!