These Last Summer Days 

The September sun has been hot, the days are getting shorter and the fruit is in abundance. The light has begun to change and I feel nervous for the change of the season. No more toys, blankets, books and sandals sprawled out amongst the lawn. Areas outside with roofs will be utilized again.

Owynn is such an outdoor babe. He pretty much crawls out the door the moment he sees it open so I can see this winter will be a bit of a challenge. The porches have been his favorite place this summer. Rain gear and warm woolen caps will become our new uniform and the bare feet days will slowly slip away. My wardrobe is more suited to the cooler temperatures but I am just not quite mentally ready to pull on those rubber boats each morning. Well lucky for us we are having a beautiful indian summer and those grey days have not arrived yet.

Happy Weekending!

A couple places to check out...

Such a beautiful cd, thanks Kyra for sharing it with me!

Totally inspired by the maker behind these adorable baby/kids clothes. I wish we owned everything in the shop.

Looks like the perfect undergarment for this winter.

Milla's trip up the coast looked amazing!

P.s the leather cardholder above will be for sale soon in my shop! I have been using it these past couple weeks and really love it! Contact me if you are interested in it.

xo Lissa