Owynn Grey turned 1 last week and we had a beach party in celebration! It was very sweet and the weather was gorgeous. Its been a wild few days just reminiscing on what my life was like exactly a year ago this week. So much new, so much unknown, ect… Now life seems easier. It is actually hard even thinking back to those first couple months of Owynns life as there was just so much change that happened so quick. This will be our second fall together as a family of three and I am looking forward to it! September is such a beautiful time of the year for us here on the islands and feel lucky that Owynn has his birthday during it. I see many more beach birthdays in the future. It is really a great way to celebrate and keeps the planning minimal. What more does a kid need then the beach pebbles, good company and the salty sea to look and play with. Happy Birthday O!