So Long Summer

The first day of Fall was yesterday. Sweater weather has begun. It rained all morning and the grey tones have comeback into our sky. Also known as an overcast day. Its the most common weather around these parts, grey days with peaks of sunshine on a lucky day. It feels good and the earth was ready for some rain and so were we. Our windows that have been open all summer long are now ready to be bug screen free and closed for the next months ahead. Our wood stove will need a good dusting as it has become the home of my summer bouquets each week so sprinkles of dried flowers cover it. The garlic has been planted and the squash will soon be harvested. I am looking forward to this fall but also have lots of plans for it, so I think it will be a busy couple months. Happy Fall sweet people!


-Only just a couple more of the Horween Leather Totes available in my shop - It is pictured above with the daisy bouquet