We have been swimming a lot these past few weeks. The days have been hot and by afternoon a swim in the salty sea is just the thing I need to re-energize me for the evening activities. Around 3-4pm most days I feel a slump in energy and I think this is the same for a lot of people. This is often the time of day I go for a walk or drink a cup of black tea but I find jumping in the ocean works the best. What do you do when your energy level is low? I have to admit these days are different though, gathering up Owynn and all baby items to head to the beach for a quick dip is not as easy as it used to be but he really loves the water so once we arrive I plunk him down along the shore and he  is content for a long while. I love these long summer days but I can already feel the fall air and light coming our way…. Oh I am not ready for the long sunny evenings to leave us. So heres to enjoying these last couple months of summer because it will be Fall before we know it.

~Photos are taken with my Phone while at the beach last week.