I have not had time in these past few months to really spend time taking photos or writing on this space. I feel badly about it but for some reason the time during the day has just not been allowing me to visit and debrief like I used to on this space. I miss it and feel like I have so much on my mind that I would love to share but for whatever reason it is just not happening. So here I am on a Wednesday night, Alex put Owynn to bed and I snuck off to the studio to write a few emails and not planned but stopped by to say hello! I guess this space is changing as our family is too. Daily life is just so different that it makes sense this space is changing as well. Once having Owynn I kinda thought this space might turn into a mamma blog but I have not had the urge to move into that direction. Rather it feels good keeping it a space about me and not centered around the little one. Though of course I could write pages about being a new mamma but  that is not what comes out when I sit down to write a post.

I look forward to the future of this space as I am sure it will find its rhythm / direction again soon but for now I will stop in when I can. I really should stop saying I wish I had time for this or that (picking blackberries, canning our surplus of garden food, purging my closest, get a hair cut, call friends more often… the list could go on forever) as life is different, sweeter in many ways. We are a family unit now. It has taken some time to acknowledge it and appreciate it but life is almost simpler then it used to be. So thanks as always for sticking around and visiting this space during this transitional stage in my life. Happy night to you all and until next time!

a few spots to visit if you have the time...

my brother and his girlfriend made this beautiful video on the youth in Somalia

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a dear friend just setup this sweet shop

some ridiculously cute baby clothes

if you are looking for some good leather oil to get your boots or bag ready for the fall here and here seem like good options

and lastly check out my others brother's recent show in Paris / wish I could have been there for the opening with him