As I have mentioned before I live on an island and rarely leave. This week we ventured off for the first time in months to run errands. We hit the big hardware stores, the amazing co-op, the best thrift store around and a few others place along the way. At home I shop at our tiny natural food store which has quite an amazing selection for how tiny it is but once in awhile it is nice to see all the options that the world has to offer. (but honestly I prefer to have one option of yogurt instead of 15) So when I leave the 15 mile long island to seek those great options the world has to offer I hop on a large boat and travel for 45 mins. You rock, sway, pass even smaller islands along the way and drive off into America. The ferry ride is beautiful often at sunrise and sunset. This particular morning it was extremely wavy , the fog was thick and the boat was packed with fellow islanders about to head off and do the same as us.

Owynn passed out on the boat after the big day. Off -island trips are tiring for us all but worth it because you come back with all sorts of goodies you cannot find at home.